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Studies have shown that nearly three out of four coworkers feel more productive when they work in coworking spaces.

An estimated five million people will be working in coworking spaces around the world by 2024.

And study after study reports people thriving in coworking spaces.

So, why are they thriving?

Flexibility and privacy.

Coworking offers the best of all worlds: flexibility, privacy and the ability to socialise.

Working in a coworking space allows people a level of flexibility that may not be possible in a typical office environment.

For example, members of a coworking space can come and go as they please, start when they want and finish when they want.

And humans are social beings; we enjoy the ‘craic’ with other people.

That’s why coworking spaces are renowned for creating connections between members; whether it’s an impromptu chat over coffee in the communal kitchen or an exchange of business ideas at the printer.

But we all need a little privacy now and then, especially if we need to concentrate or if we’re working on something confidential.

And members of coworking spaces say that they enjoy having privacy when they need it but the flexibility to socialise when they need to as well.

Cutting down on commutes makes people happier.

Harvard University psychologist Daniel Gilbert once said, “You can’t adapt to commuting, because it’s entirely unpredictable. Driving in traffic is a different kind of hell every day.”

So it’s no surprise about the links between long commutes and mental health issues.

One study found that a commute for over an hour meant people were 33% more likely to suffer from depression.

And shockingly, long commutes don’t just affect mental health, but physical health too, with the same study reporting that those with long commutes were 21% more likely to be obese.

The costs of commuting soon add up too, with the average UK commuter spending over £135,000 on work commutes by the time they retire.

Coworking drastically reduces those commute hours, and because most coworking spaces are open 24/7, members can avoid rush hour traffic, do school runs and work in a way that suits their circumstances.

Coworkers feel part of a community.

Nearly every study into coworking show the same patterns emerging: people working in coworking spaces value the social aspect and feeling part of a community.

According to Deskmag’s coworking survey, 59% of respondents said they chose a coworking space because of its enjoyable atmosphere.

In the same study, 56% of people said they chose their coworking space to interact with others.

Over half (55%) said it was to build a sense of community around themselves.

That’s because, in coworking spaces, all the members tend to be from different businesses working towards different targets; gone are the internal politics of a typical office environment.


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