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Every coworking space in Northern Ireland should include five essentials for businesses.

Colleen O’Hare, Manager at Granite Exchange, says all businesses – whether they’re Sole Traders, employees, or Limited Companies – should expect at least five things from their coworking space.


1. Fast Wi-Fi. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have increasingly moved online.

“And for your business to take advantage of online opportunities you need fast Wi-Fi,” Colleen says.

“We’re connected to the internet now more than ever; on our smartphones and smartwatches, our laptops and tablet devices.

And we all rely on fast, stable Wi-Fi to carry out essential business tasks such as emailing and updating social media.

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we work, we’re all relying even more on meeting platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams.

Reliable, fast Wi-Fi now is no longer a luxury or “nice-to-have”, it’s vital for all Northern Ireland businesses, and it’s why we’ve invested in high-speed Wi-Fi and communications infrastructure,” she adds.


2. All-inclusive membership (with no hidden costs)

Northern Ireland businesses need a level of certainty to thrive, Colleen says.

“At Granite Exchange, we’re very transparent with our pricing; businesses appreciate our all-inclusive package.

It allows businesses to add the cost to their budget safe in the knowledge there won’t be any stealth charges arriving when they least expect it,” she explains.

“Incidentals can ruin a budget, but our all-inclusive package ensures all your essentials like Wi-Fi, heating, electricity, cleaning, and security are taken care of.

It means you can focus on your business and rest easy knowing everything else is taken care of,” Colleen adds.


3. Members

Coworking spaces are a hotbed of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and ambitious people.

And as part of the community, members can meet like-minded individuals, develop relationships and get their creative juices flowing.

Colleen says, ‘we are very lucky here in Granite Exchange to have such wonderful members, it’s a great place for businesses to collaborate and work together.


4. Helpful staff

Busy, successful businesses rely on a lot of different factors to maintain their success.

And Colleen says Northern Ireland businesses that call Granite Exchange their home are making great use of the coworking space’s helpful, friendly staff.

“We’re here when you need us most,” Colleen explains.

“Our fantastic reception staff are available between 8:45 am and 5:15 pm and can help your business out with lots of essential tasks.

Whether it’s answering phone calls and taking messages, or directing clients to your office, our reception staff will make you and your visitors feel very welcome,” she adds.

Granite Exchange staff also take care of a wide range of other tasks; opening and closing the premises daily, maintenance, cleaning, postal sorting, and offering assistance when it’s required.


5. Flexible opening times

Granite Exchange offers the ultimate flexible workspace.

“You can come and go when it suits you,” Colleen reveals.

“Businesses need flexible opening times to meet important deadlines, chart new paths, and discuss strategies.

And as a result, they need flexible access to their workspace.

Granite Exchange ensures that members can enjoy a level of flexibility that might not be possible in a traditional work environment,” she adds.


If you would like Granite Exchange to be the home for your business contact us today on 028 3044 2500 or click HERE.

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