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The majority of full-time professionals have by now at least tested out how well they can execute their jobs remotely, and the push to get people back into shared office space has sparked a workplace revolution. Now, professionals are looking for a more flexible, more adaptable and more inclusive space. This means everyone—whether they’re a parent, a carer, a person who is immunocompromised, a person with a disability or part of another category entirely—is better positioned to advocate for their needs in the workplace than ever before.

As many employers continue to work to strengthen their diversity, equity and inclusion, the potential impact of making private office spaces available to more employees on a flexible basis is gaining traction. But in my experience working with a company that creates office spaces, employees aren’t just looking for a shiny office to sit in during their workday, and this new, elevated baseline for employee expectations is worth your attention. Here’s what workers are looking for in an inclusive office environment—and why.

Professionals Want To Work In Soundproof Office Space

If you have ever been to a some shared office spaces, you may have seen modern-looking individual-sized boxes with thick walls that look like phone booths. At Granite Exchange our serviced office suites are soundproofed to give our members the private space to make phone calls away from the noise they may have in an open-plan office space. While open-plan offices remain popular, in my experience, professionals prefer a more accommodating soundproof office space where they have room to move around and get more fresh air and that is why Granite Exchange is the perfect home for your business.

While it may once have sounded demanding to request a soundproof location to answer your emails, any parent who has worked from their home while their kids engaged in distance learning during the past two years knows just how tough it can be to focus when there’s abundant ambient noise. Working in a noisy, distracting environment is a well-documented challenge in any setting. But that doesn’t mean professionals don’t want a quiet work environment that’s conducive to deep work.

Give Professionals The Security And Privacy They Need To Return To The Office

Workers’ daily stress reached a record high as it was recorded to increase from 38% in 2019 to 43% in 2020. One of the many reasons may be that work lives and home lives were blurred during extended periods of remote work. Without the privacy that a traditional office space provided, for many working in the legal industry, in healthcare and in managerial positions, including HR, the lack of privacy home offices provided wasn’t just an inconvenience—it made it difficult to get work done every day.

An open plan won’t meet the needs of many professionals eager to return to the office. Instead, these workers want to return to offices with doors that close—and lock—to ensure they have both the security and privacy they need. With our high tech security, key fob entry system, every private office suite remains locked 24/7, while only those with access can gain entry using a key fob.

Clean Offices And Clear Lines Of Communication

We might never again stand in a full lift without thinking about the air we’re sharing with the other occupants. But whatever comes next, you can count on office members demanding clean office spaces from the reception area to the bathrooms. As part of this push, you can count on a new imperative for clear, consistent communication from Granite Exchange management to ensure everyone understands the public health guidance and regulations on-site.

For any enquiries on our office space in Granite Exchange, contact Colleen at or call (028) 3044 2500

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