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Since March 2020, Northern Ireland has faced a challenge, unlike any other in our lifetime: COVID-19.

But with businesses now taking their first tentative steps back into the office, our ‘new normal’ has arrived.

And with the threat of a second wave of Coronavirus in the winter, a lot of businesses are assessing how they can be COVID-ready.

Here’s how Granite Exchange, the ultimate co-working space in the heart of Newry, is preparing for all eventualities.

Social Distancing measures.

At Granite Exchange, we take pride in offering our clients a safe and comfortable environment.

And with COVID-19 ever-present, we’ve invested a lot of time and effort in ensuring we adhere to all social distancing measures.

As advised by Government, we actively promote a culture of awareness for all our members, team and visitors.

Clear signage and communications are in use to ensure social distancing and safe use of spaces.

We have reconfigured our reception, communal spaces and our meeting rooms to allow for safe capacity levels and social distancing protocols.

Members are encouraged to use our bike parking and showers as an alternative to public transport.

Granite Exchange is also a proud partner of Safe Spaces™, a flexible workspace program that follows World Health Organisation workplace guidelines.

The program is designed to help you and your employees access a workspace which has implemented specific practices to keep the workspace safe and hygienic for all.

We’ve also committed to having a reduced level of occupancy, so our 365 square feet of space provides the unique ability to space members out across the building and over two floors.

Daily deep cleans.

We don’t take any chances where your health is concerned.

Granite Exchange carries out regular deep cleans of all communal areas, bathrooms and frequent touch points such as door handles and handrails.

And because our dedicated team knows the importance of good hand hygiene, we’ve installed automatic hand sanitizer stations (using only the most effective sanitizing cleaning products) at convenient spots around the building.

Our new Clear Desk Policy.

Our new Clear Desk Policy allows our cleaning team to sanitize your desk daily.

With privacy and GDPR compliance in mind, we will ask you to ensure your desk is clear at the end of each day and all non-essential items (everything other than screens and work equipment) are stored in your pedestals and cabinets.

A home for workers from businesses where social distancing isn’t possible.

We all have to work somewhere, right?

A lot of larger businesses do not have the infrastructure to ensure social distancing, even with staggered working hours.

That’s why a lot of Northern Ireland businesses are gradually acknowledging the benefits of safe co-working spaces like Granite Exchange, where staff can work privately, and employers can rest easy knowing that all safety measures are in place.

A breath of fresh air.

Our state-of-the-art building guarantees 100% filtered fresh air to every office.

That means we have no recycled air in our ventilation systems.

We have also committed to carrying out frequent servicing of all our air conditioning units.

You deserve a cuppa.

We’re confident that we have one of the safest workspaces in Newry after investing in premium technology and equipment.

And because we know everyone deserves a cup of tea too, even in a pandemic, we’ve gone to great lengths to provide individually wrapped teabags so you won’t have to do without your caffeine fix.

All in a disposable paper cup, for your safety and convenience.

Personal Protective Equipment

In line with current Government advice, we will not require our team, members or visitors to wear PPE.

However, if you or any of your guests would like to, we have additional PPE available from our team at reception upon request.

If you would like Granite Exchange to be the home for your business contact us today on 028 3044 2500 or click HERE.

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