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Commuting from Newry to Belfast daily means you’ll be adding 20,800 extra miles to your vehicle’s milometer every year. And even more soul-destroying, those who commute from Newry to Belfast spend at least two hours, 20 minutes of their day in a car, bus or train. That means you’re losing over eleven hours every week to the rat race.

With a 2-hour daily commute on the rise in the UK, now is the time to critique your work-life balance.

Do you envisage commuting until you retire?

Would you like to cut long commutes out of your life completely?

Today we put commuting up against coworking to see how they both fare.

Commuting is bad for your mental health.

Sitting in a car, bus or train five days a week isn’t great for your mental health.

Think of the stress of missing a bus or train, or the anxiety of being stuck in long traffic jams.

Or what about the lack of sleep from having to get up even earlier to make the long commute to work?

One recent study found that 33% of commuters are more like to suffer from depression.

Research also suggests that those who commute are 21% more likely to be obese.

Contrast those statistics with people who choose a coworking space instead.

An impressive 89% of people who use coworking space say they are happier.

And that’s not all; over 80% say it makes them feel less lonely.

Commuting is costly.

Whether you drive your car or catch a bus or train every day to work, the costs add up quite quickly.

Shockingly, the average commuter in the UK will also spend over £135,000 by the time they retire.

And research by Lloyds Bank backs this up.

According to their study, people in Northern Ireland spend an average of £70.91 every month on commuting to work.

With an average daily commute time of 54 minutes in Northern Ireland, commuting not only robs you of money but of precious time too.

In contrast, coworking appears to offer the best benefits.

The Director of Strategy at Vitality Health, Shaun Subel, agrees. “Beyond looking at ways that the work environment can be altered to make it more conducive to improved health and wellbeing, our research suggests that employers should perhaps be looking at flexible working arrangements as a more prominent part of their workplace wellness or productivity management strategy.”

Productivity increases in coworking spaces.

Studies have shown that 74% of coworkers feel more productive.

Coworking offers you the perfect combination: flexibility to come and go as you please, privacy when you need it and just as important, socialising when you need it too.

Working from home can be a lonely existence, and commuting can be destructive for your health.

Coworking provides you with the opportunity to work close by with like-minded people, network and create business connections.

And with 84% of people who use coworking spaces saying they feel more engaged and motivated, the opportunity for Northern Ireland businesses to start their coworking journey has never been more attractive.

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