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Northern Ireland’s most impressive coworking space offers all-inclusive bills, exclusive access to member events and much more.

And best of all, we’re conveniently located in the heart of the city, strategically placed between Dublin and Belfast.


Every entrepreneur has a vision for their business and their brand.

You’ve done all the leg work getting your business off the ground, and you now want to grow it.

But you’ve got one big issue: working from home doesn’t allow for meeting space to meet potential clients, and you miss out on the social interaction with like-minded people.

That’s why Granite Exchange, Newry’s most impressive coworking space, offers business owners the best of all worlds.

Our vision is simple: to be “Newry’s most desirable serviced office and meeting-room venue.”

And once you’ve had a tour, we’re pretty confident you’ll agree that we’ve achieved our vision.

On the doorstep of the historic Newry City Hall, overlooking the Clanrye River which divides Newry into Counties Down and Armagh, you’ll be in the economic heart of Newry.

No more soul-destroying long commutes to work, no more sitting in your Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle pyjamas at home, hoping the kids don’t storm in while you’re on an important Zoom call.

Show up, switch on and work away – we take care of everything else.

Here are 5 powerful reasons why you should join Granite Exchange.


1. All-inclusive bills.

At Granite Exchange, we include everything you need, so there will be no stealth charges or hidden taxes that will surprise you later.

Simplicity is at the forefront of our vision, and that’s why at Granite Exchange, we understand that our clients shouldn’t have to worry about the costs of incidentals that can skew a budget.

Our monthly fee includes everything your business needs, including rates, heat, air conditioner, a dedicated landline, a professional cleaner, electricity, 24/7 security and super-fast Wi-Fi and Internet.


  1. No long-term commitment.

We’re confident in our sleek, modern, and professional office space, and we know you’ll feel right at home.

That’s why we don’t ask you to commit to long-term contracts.

When you enjoy the Granite Exchange experience, you’ll never want to leave.

Things however, change in business; it’s par for the course.

So if you do need to end your stay with us, you can do so with just one month’s notice.


  1. Support staff.

We’re here when you need us most.

We’ve even got friendly reception staff available between 8.45 am – 5.15 pm to welcome your clients to the building.

Essentially, we will be a support agent for you and your business.

We take care of it all – from opening and closing the premises each day, cleaning, maintenance and everything in between.

The only dilemma you’ll face each day is which famous coffee shop or eatery you’ll visit, all within two minutes’ walking distance from your office.

You can find the top 29 HERE; they’re all so close that you’ll be able to smell the roasted coffee beans from your office.

And because we know you’re busy growing the business, we’ll sort your post out for you too.


  1. We take care of it all.

From COVID-19 deep cleans to opening and closing the premises each day, Granite Exchange takes all the hassle away from you and lets you focus on your business.

Simply secure your documents in the pedestals and lockers provided, and our team of cleaners will ensure your office welcomes you every morning with a shine and glisten that is guaranteed to make you smile.

We also include maintenance in our impressive package so, if something should go wrong, we’ll get it fixed quickly.


  1. Networking and FREE entry to Granite Exchange events.

Every businessperson should be able to enjoy the benefits of networking.

And at Granite Exchange, our events are legendary, allowing you to network with like-minded people, create business connections and help each other out with referrals.

We know you’ll love our luxuriously furnished office space, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to spend all your time in your office admiring the sleek, modern design.

You’ll also meet other business owners in our ultra-modern, fully fitted kitchens, where you can enjoy a chinwag over a cup of coffee.


If you would like Granite Exchange to be the home for your business contact us today on 028 3044 2500 or click HERE.

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